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In my previous piece, I invoked the Why behind environmentally focused causes, citing the MLK example that the thrust behind any mission begins with ideas. The prevalence of the two words, Climate Change, in the global debate has escalated to a zenith and one would be hard-pressed to ignore its call.  However, politics has the
I recently read, Start with Why, by Simon Sinek, a great read looking at what really drives a brand/cause to be successful. The message encouraged me to apply this theme to WAN. In 1963, 250,000 people flocked to Washington DC to listen to Martin Luther King Jr. share “his dream” and vision for the United
It is with great excitement that WAN announces our new Brand Ambassador relationship with Planet Love Life (https://www.planetlovelife.com/pages/the-story), a lifestyle brand that promotes “sustainable living and helps preserve the natural environment.” The company manufacturers and sells various products, such as Jewelry and Charity Charms, which are made from recycled fishing gear collected during beach cleanups nationwide.

We Must Do More

It is in our lives every day and exponentially continues to integrate itself into all that we do. With the onset of rapid technological innovation, increasing spending power from highly populated, developing countries, and acute interconnectedness of the global economy, it is hard to imagine that it could be any less pervasive. So what can


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