WAN is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the earth and all of its inhabitants.

A clean environment ensures healthy living for our current and future generations. The more careless we are towards the environment, the more polluted it will become with toxins, which will one way or another impact all life on our planet.


A clean environment ensures healthy living for our current and future generations.

WAN has a mission to diminish the destructive effects of ocean pollution. An abundance of clean water is what provides the foundation for communities to prosper. Fish, birds, and all other wildlife depend on clean water to live, just as humans do. We strive to protect species and their habitats to ensure that we are all protected from the harmful effects of pollution. We aim to educate people about the impact simple day to day tasks have on our planet, and help them adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Our goal is to spread awareness throughout communities worldwide, and to inspire young leaders to make a difference.

Our website provides articles on how and why we must all live sustainably. We host beach cleanups once a month for people of all ages. We invite children, teens, and adults to come out and join us in our pursuit to end pollution. We provide the tools at our events, along with snacks and water to keep our volunteers refreshed and happy. At our beach cleanups, you can meet new people, learn about sustainability, enjoy a peaceful day with nature, all while making a difference!


WAN envisions a world in which all species live harmoniously. Our work is focused on conserving the oceans, so it can be sustainable for communities worldwide.

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